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Our Vision

​​​​​​​Vision Statement for Catholic Education in the Archdiocese of Brisbane

Jesus Communion Mission, Emeritus Archbishop John Bathersby’s vision for our growth as a healthy, vibrant, evangelising Archdiocese, has three essential dimensions calling us to:

  • embrace the person and vision of Jesus
  • build Communion with God and others
  • engage in Jesus’ Mission in our world.

If we are to experience the fullness of Christian life and have the impact in the world Jesus Christ desires, every one of our communities, each of us as individuals, and our Archdiocese as a whole must live these three dimensions dynamically.

Promulgated by Emeritus Archbishop John Bathersby DD July 2003.

Vision Statement for Catholic Education Archdiocese of Brisbane

Embracing the Archdiocesan Vision of Jesus Communion Mission, each Catholic community, organisation and individual collaboratively engaged in the educational ministry of the Church in the Archdiocese of Brisbane is called to:


We promote faith in Jesus Christ, teaching and learning about Jesus, the gospel and the faith of the Catholic Christian community. Learning is lifelong, life-giving and engages the whole person.


Inspired by the Holy Spirit, we challenge those we educate to live in communion with God, others and the whole of creation in prayerful, sacramental, just, peaceful, inclusive and reconciling communities.


We educate for a transformed world in communion, by nurturing the gifts and potential of each person, enacting shared leadership, and exercising a preferential option for the poor and the marginalised.

This vision statement was endorsed by Emeritus Archbishop John Bathersby DD in December 2004 and launched in April 2005.


​​Vision Statement